Wendy is an accomplished actor trained in theater who has been doing On-camera work since 2003.

Some of her TV credits include the Netflix series NARCOS and YOU. Lead roles in Deadline Crime, The Perfect Murder, Prison Break as well as  Magic Michael ( Interstitials on IFC Channel). Wendy had a lead role in a well acclaimed and very funny Web Series on Pulped TV in London Called, “The Bird and the Bees”. She also appeared on the Children’s Show’s “The New Electric Company”, “Team Umi Zoomi” and did a Christmas Commercial for Sprout TV. Wendy has a Supporting role with Pop Singer Elle King in her Music Video from the new Ghostbusters Movie. 

A few of her Film Credits include The Greatest Movie ever made Directed by Rob Burnett, Yes, God Yes (starring Natalia Dyer of Stranger Things) and The Dahl House  (a runner up in the Brooklyn Film Fest Horror Films).

She also has done many Web Commercials, Industrials and Medical Videos. as well as 10 diverse Voice Over’s.

Wendy is an Acting Teacher with 25 years experience, specializing in Kids and Teens, continuing to offer private coaching online.

2020 Dramatic Reel

2020 Comedic Reel