wendybgWendy is a hard working Actor who enjoys being on set and working with other actors and loves the entire experience. She is very dedicated to each role whether in Film, TV, Web and Medical Videos, Promo’s , Industrials and Voice Overs.

Wendy adores her wonderful husband who is her biggest fan and supports her in her acting career…She loves babies and children and loves to dance. She just happens to be a really good Free Style dancer.


Wendy is also a Private Acting Coach and works with Kids and teens from Beginners to the Experienced and Working child Actor. She loves that very much and enjoys watching the person grow as an actor and learn…

Wendy had been Teaching Acting since the 1980’s. At that time she was performing in Theater Productions for 18 years: so she was Teaching only Theater Acting for kids and adults. Since then in the past 12 years-since she transitioned to be an On Camera Actor -she has been Teaching Acting for the Camera including Film, TV, Commercials…She specializes in very young kids-teens. She feels this is her niche, Teaching the young child to understand the character they are playing and to get them to be very realistic, real and believable in their work. Wendy uses Improvisation in all her classes as a great Tool for the Artist.
If you are interested in Private Coaching and you live in the NY, NJ, PA area–please Text her at 516 695 2490