Watch Wendy on IFC Saturday October 27, 2018

Exciting news about Wendy
Tune in this Saturday on IFC Movie Channel during the film Die Hard with a Vengence to see her Co-star with Comedian Dave Hill playing her Son in Magic Michael. There are twelve 30-45 seconds video clips-in between the film. It is a very funny story written and directed by Chris Molinaro-produced by Chris Soucey…About a Downbeat Magician living and doing his magic in his mother’s basement *played by Wendy*. Michael uses his mom as his assistant when his fiancee dumps him often…She comes down to her basement to do the laundry and there is Michael asking her to be his assistant. There are 12 interstitials in between the films. Wendy appears in 6 as the Co-star. Please watch her this Saturday Oct. 27th during this film as well as next Sat. Nov.3rd during the Movie Mr. And Mrs. Smith

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